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It will serve no purpose hidden in a safe, where it is usually only found after the funeral when it is too late to act upon.

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If you find the information too sensitive, and do not wish to give certain parts of this document to anyone while you are alive, then make it clear where they will be able to find the remaining information, when the time comes. I am providing the following information to close friends and relatives to assist with the handling of my affairs in the event of my death.

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I would like the following people to act as pallbearers: 1. All the information you provide in this section will be an enormous help to your executor. It will enable them to wind up your estate easily and timeously. Account number: …………..

List of accounts to be paid up and services to be discontinued. Select Parent Grandparent Teacher Kid at heart. Age of the child I gave this to:. Hours of Play:.

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Extra Content. The words you are about to read may put an end to your life.

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  • It has been written that a useless life is far worse than an early death. Not only do I say that you should; I say that you can! Not only do I say that you can; I say that you will—providing you accept and make use of the priceless legacy I am about to share with you. My name is Joseph.

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    Would that I were an accomplished teller of tales, in full command of my proud language, instead of having spent a lifetime as a keeper of ledgers and accounts. Still, despite my many shortcomings, I must record what I know of Zacchaeus Ben Joshua for the benefit of untold generations to come so that they may be guided properly in their search for a better life.

    He was orphaned before the age of five. Other children mocked his misshapen body—a huge head and wide shoulders set upon a round torso from which two spindly legs extended but refused to grow.

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    He had no schooling. An eminent scholar from Greece, having met him at the height of his career, returned to Athens and announced to his colleagues that he had finally met a man who had conquered the world and was not even aware of his accomplishments. In his declining years he accepted a position that would have brought scorn and hate upon the head of any other, as it had to those who were his predecessors, but the love and respect of so many of the people, whose lives he had touched and changed for the better, never abated.

    Near his end, he was involved in what I am certain was a miracle, although I had never, before, believed in miracles.

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    No one who witnessed that mysterious event has ever been able to explain what they saw in any other terms—and it is the ingredients of this miracle that can and will change your life—as it has for so many others. Pretend, if you will, that you are hearing my words rather than reading them. Imagine that you are resting your weary head on my lap, as you may have done long ago, with your parents.

    This has been a day like all other days, when you have struggled with forces beyond your control to achieve a small allotment of peace and security for yourself and for those who love and depend on you. Above all, exercise patience—and hear me out.