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Will this prevent me from getting a job? Either when the pre-employment check comes back and they realize I no longer work at the company I said I did or maybe they decided to contact said company after they give me an offer? SuperSummarizer in Charleston, South Carolina said: What if almost all positions match but the end date was incorrect. It is more likely that taking shortcuts while providing information would cause confusion and raise concerns about the accuracy of ALL of your information.

Employers are looking for integrity and applicable experience in the Previous Employment History check. It is to the applicant's advantage to provide accurate and factual information when completing the BI profile because the background vendor will confirm the information as valid or not valid based on facts. Former Drug and Background Program Manag in Altadena, California said: It is more likely that taking shortcuts while providing information would cause confusion and raise concerns about the accuracy of ALL of your information.

I just got laid off yesterday and am trying to find a job. Or does that not happen, so I am in the clear? Unfortunately, I do not know what happened with the previous poster's job offer, so I cannot respond on it. As for your resume, it should reflect factual information as it may be used to compare details when your background results are received. Your outdated resume may reflect poorly on you, but inaccurate dates can and should be corrected. Whether or not you are offered a job depends on the hiring requirements for the role.

Your Recruiter can provide you with your specific hiring details. Hi i was just wondering you seem nice and like you have experience in this area can you tell me how far background checks go? I have been offered a job in a hospital and have a very old criminal record which i told my hiring manager about she told me not to worry but is she going to see the whole thing? It is almost 20 years old Hi, and thanks for the compliment.

Although in some states hospitals are required by state law to conduct a background check BC on candidates filling specific roles, there is no legally mandated requirement to conduct BCs in the Healthcare industry. A hospital can choose how far back the BC should look if there is no state law limiting the scope of the check.

However, whether or not your misdemeanor will appear on your background report is entirely dependent on how far back the BC searches. Twelve states restrict reporting information on any case older than seven years.

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A note of caution: Do not tell anyone other than the background vendor about your adverse history. The information in your background check is confidential and access to it should be limited to the HR person ordering the check and other HR persons - not the hiring manager. WorriedAsWell in Dublin, Ohio. Has anyone had any experience with, or could speak to the most likely outcome, with the first poster's scenario?

I'm in a similar situation, except that I was not laid off and voluntarily left. I was employed full-time at the beginning of the application process, and gave notice Last day December 7th with the intention of accepting another role that was moving quickly. Another, much better, opportunity came along and I decided to pursue that instead. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! TJ1 in Kannapolis, North Carolina. Don't count on it.. I know Walmart and fast food started using screening companies that handle both the criminal history and employment history and this was at least as far back as Those are the lowest jobs in the US..

TryingtoHelp in Farmington, Michigan. WorriedAsWell in Dublin, Ohio said: Has anyone had any experience with, or could speak to the most likely outcome, with the first poster's scenario? It's only an issue if you lie about your employment. If you said at the beginning of the process that you were employed and when they do the background check it says you are not employed any longer, they'll ask when was your last day.

As long as you're honest, there shouldn't be a problem. Any time a background check is performed, you have the opportunity to respond by law if you were not hired because of something in your background. This is done so that you know what's on your record and if there is identity issues they can be taken care of. Hi-- when an employer such as a hospital does a background check do they see your w2's or ? Can they tell if you are receiving disability benefits if i filed jointly with my wife? Also do you know if a hospital's background checks are more thorough than other professions or is it pretty equal across the board?

Thank you. Booker in Bowie, Maryland. I lied about receiving my degree for a job that I was interviewing for. I was presented with a job offer, but was told it was only contingent upon a successful background check. It is for a law firm, and the lady told the background was extensive and would even check my social media. I had nothing to hide. I was informed that there was no record of my receiving my degree, even though I am enrolled and will be graduating in May.

A bachelor's degree was not a requirement for this job, just a preference. I also have two associate degrees.

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Will the law firm take my offer away? Does anyone have an idea of what can happen? I'm really freaking out. FormerDrugBackg in Altadena, California. The potential employer may determine that you lack integrity based on the fact that you lied about the degree. There is a very real chance your decision to be dishonest might have placed your offer in jeopardy. Remember, you are a stranger to the potential employer.

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In hiring , the question of whether or not you can be relied on to be truthful and above board far outweighs whether or not you earned a degree. Neither are your disability benefits. The level of background check an employer conducts is based on their individual requirements. No "one size fits most". For detailed information on the background check contents, speak with your recruiter. Joblessnicegirl in Worcester, Massachusetts. What would you say about a administrative job in the health care field.

I didnt add a job to my resume because I was there for 4 months nd quit on bad terms so I bluffed the job before it stating I was there a extra 4 months.

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I got the job! I listed only the jobs that were applicable to the position on my resume total of 4 , but I have had a total of 9 jobs in 7 years.

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Long story short does the background check only verify the jobs I list or can they find out about all my jobs? Hi does anyone know if military service history is checked in a background check for working in a Hospital?

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I was in the military 22 yrs ago. How thorough are Hospital background checks? Does anyone know where I could do the same background check on myself as Hospitals do? Hi - I am a former Drug and Background Programs Manager with intimate knowledge of the screening process. Military service is only checked if it falls within the scope of the background check.

Scope is typically defined as 7- or years of previous history. Healthcare hospital background checks will depend on what is Federally mandated or state mandated where the facility is located. In addition, it will depend on what is contractually required by the client. Your recruiter can give you more details on the background screen required where you are being hired. Once you know what is required by the Healthcare employer, you can pay to have the same background check conducted by any background vendor who offers the same screening service.

It will take a bit of research on your part to find out 1 what background elements does the client require, and 2 which background vendors can conduct the same background checks if I order them. There is an algorithm that will report all "discovered" employment and residence locations.

Any place you worked, lived or went to school is usually discoverable under this algorithm. If it falls within the 7-year scope of the screen, it will most likely be included in your pre-employment screen evaluation. The background check typically only verifies your previous employment history.

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You said "Your recruiter can give you more details on the background screen required where you are being hired". So are you saying to call the Hospital 's HR department? Can you give me any advice on what question s to ask them? Thank u. Liveandlearn22 in North Carolina. Hello this is to formerDrugBackg in Altadena, California, or anyone else that knows! A lot of your information has been helpful but I have a specific question you may know the answer to.

Okay so I am applying for a company I have already worked for one of their establishments and it was the best job I have ever had but I will just go ahead and be honest this is embarrassing for me but I completely messed it up I went to work too tired on my first day was up all night due to some issues I had at the time which is no excuse and basically fell asleep on my first day which completely made me look like a fool and very irresponsible to this day it is one of my biggest regrets that I have but I know I have learned from it.

And will they know if I was fired from the other place on my first day? So just recently i had resigned from my job in a Hospital , shortly after i got an interview and told them i still worked there after resigning just a day before, thankfully the private practice offered me the job. Now im quite scared that when they do a pre-employment background check it'll show that i resigned when i told the new hire person i was still working there. Now should i be worried if they dont proceed with the job offer they gave me.??

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